Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Game... Skeletons; The Truth Pact

Let me start by saying this season is obviously what we've been missing! I loved the premiere! It starts with Jason who wakes up in bed with Selita Ebanks. Dip and Pitts! Lol... Melanie meets Dr. McHottie at the hospital as she and Derwin are leaving from talking to the fertility specialist. All the while Derwin is trying to figure out what's what about the abortion she had previously. Malik brings a drugged up Jenna into his home and tries to help her to avoid media. She was way too gone!

It was big of Derwin to apologize to Melanie for spassing about the abortion, but I just knew the abortion wasn't his baby. I know Melanie felt bad as hell after his apology. Tasha Mack is back and funny as ever! I can't believe Tasha is sad about dropping Derwin. From the previews of the show, I didn't think she cared considering that her and Melanie fell out. Tasha has her reservations about Malik getting his life in order, and he proves her right by ordering wings while Jenna was sick.

Jason has met his match in Chardonnay and I love it! I just love how she put Jason in check about black women.. And he is still arrogant and funny as ever lol. "Let me guess you are an Amy.. Yeah whatever Amy" lls. Coincidentally after seeing Dr McHottie, Mel and Derwin run into Trey Wiggs on the same day! Trey has gotten married and has a daughter. That's so sweet! Damn Melanie I know she felt some type of way about the stepson thing once explaining to Trey and his wife that DJ isn't her son.

Jenna ends up running away then her "personal concierge" (who is also Betty from Secret Life of an American Teen, one of my favorite shows!) tells Tasha that Jenna is $55 thousand in debt from copping product and shows Tasha her gun. You know Tasha don't play! So she tells her she has one as well lol. Jason catches Brit Brat on a date and kissing a boy. Then Britney tells Jason she doesn't date black guys which gives Jason a seemingly reality check. Tasha wants Malik to leave Jenna alone because of her habit but he tells her that Jenna was there for him at his worse so he wants to be there for her. TT then tells tasha that she should make the choice herself, put herself first and go back to Derwin.

Mel asks how Derwin found out about Dr. McHottie but he wouldn't tell her. He tells her that what's done in the dark comes in the light which makes Melanie feel guilty. She then tells him that her abortion was Trey Wigg's baby and it happened during their break up over Drew Sidora (I knew it!!) Derwin then flips out and they have a talk about everything. Melanie asks Derwin to come to bed with her (did she have y'all in tears? Lol) but Derwin told her he couldn't do that tonight (which I called beforehand!). Now back to Malik and Tasha, they're trying to revive Jenna and Tasha's foolish ass asks TT what did he used to do when his mama took all them drugs LOL! #icant... Jason then goes to stop by the bar he met Chardonnay at, and she tells him that he got her fired from her job. She kicks his car which I think turns him on and he gives her a ride home. Next thing I know, they wake up the next morning and they're married lol. They ended up in Tijuana becase Jason said their tacos were cheaper than Taco Bell lol. Chardonnay told him that they got really drunk and she told him to marry her to prove he likes black women. Chardonnay continues to put Jason in checks and calls him her oppressor. He says he doesn't have problems with black women because his daughter is black even though she strays from her roots. Chardonnay tells him that he hates being black. She asked him what happened in his life and he revealed that black girls used to make fun of him. He had a crush on a black girl named Keisha Jackson before but she laughed in his face and said she doesn't dance with white boys. He said he got turned down by all black women until he got a little money which traumatized him forever. Chardonnay told him that he can't be mad at all black women because of those experiences, and the two seemed to better understand each other.

Melanie then wakes up and realizes she is in bed alone. Meanwhile TT continues to pressure Tasha about leaving Malik but she lets him know that family always comes first. Tasha pays off Jenna's debt to "Martin's Asbestos Removal" with her black card lol. Obviously she sees how much he means to Malik. Malik tells Tasha he's taking Jenna to rehab which makes her content with her choice to stick with him. Derwin comes back home as he, Melanie, and Jenay get ready to host DJ's birthday party. (Dj is so cute!) Melanie tells him she sometimes forgets about the abortion at all because she feared losing him. She told him it would be hard for him to sit there and watch her raise someone else's baby everyday. And she knows because she deals with it every day. She also told him she never told Tey about the abortion. Tasha didn't show up for the party, showing that the beef with her and Mel is still in effect.

Of course at the end the photographer just wants pictures of DJ with Derwin and Jenay leaving Melanie out of the picture. Derwin tells her that he's over the abortion because he sees what she goes through with Jenay. And in the end they make a pact to always tell each other the truth no matter what. Aww! Then all of a sudden a turn of events come about and Trey shows up with a gift for DJ's party and Derwin punches him! At that point he tells Melanie he's completely over it lol damn guess so!

Now ya'll knew this would be extremely long since I don't miss a detail on the show! Now that it's an hour long, I definitely have lots more to type about. First of all let me apologize if it jumps around a little, but I wrote this out specifically as I was watching the show, so I wouldn't forget anything. Since the scenes tend to jump around, my blog does as well lol. Now on with my opinion... I think Brandy plays her part very well! I'm so glad they put her on the show, but of course I do miss Kelly! Everything seems to be flowing a little better this season than the last, and everyone seems to be more in tune iwth their characters. I feel like Tasha has brought it back to her old self, especially when she hit up ole faithful Pookie to help her with Jenna lol! I feel like the show had a little more humor this time around, whereas last season was more dramatic. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next!

Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts on last night's show! If you missed it I hope this caught you up a little!

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