Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Game Season 5 Premiere

I am BEYOND excited about the premiere of season 5 of The Game tonight on BET!!! I am a true "Gamer", this is by far my favorite tv show right now. I've been waiting for what seems like a year for the new season to come back, it is so long overdue!

If you're new to the Boss Chic Files, you may not know but I do weekly posts every Tuesday night giving a run down of each episode of The Game. These posts give you all the details from the show that night, and they give a little of my opinion on all the happenings as well. These blogs are one of the main reasons The Boss Chic Files has gotten so much acknowledgment. There are people out there who love this show just as much as myself, and look forward to these weekly blogs on the show.

To start you off right, I wanted to give you a run down of what to look forward to in the first episode tonight. Melanie is going to be coping with Derwin's accusations of her having a previous abortion. If you remember, season 4 left off with those two at the doctor's office and  Melanie stating that she "definitely" never had an abortion. Well Derwin knows that whenever Melanie says "definitely" then she's lying. It looks like she has some explaining to do! I'm thinking it may have been Trey Wigg's baby... we shall see!

Also in tonight's episode you will find Malik and Tasha dealing with a drunken Jenna, and Tasha will also corner Malik to discuss his and Jenna's relationship. I wonder if Jenna is going to get her life back on track and give Malik another chance, or if he's going to go back to his player ways. Jason also has a dilemma in the first episode where a wild night from his past comes back to haunt him. I'm thinking he may have a baby scare from a one night fling, I so can't wait to see what happens!

If you'd like to get a recap of season 4's finale you can click the link here and it will take you to the blog I wrote last year for the show. Don't forget to tune in to The Game tonight at 10 on BET! What are your expectations on what will happen tonight and throughout the season?? Leave us a comment and let us know!!

LaBellaBoss ♥