Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Game: No Money Mo' Problems

Where do I start with last night's episode of The Game? Let me start by saying for the first time I wasn't very happy with this episode *sad face*. As big of a Game stan I am, it just seems like something was really missing from the show. I called my cousin last night to recap on the show afterwards, and he brought to my attention how the show isn't about football at all any more. It's more about the money that comes with the football and the endorsements etc. But I really do miss the scenes from previous seasons where the guys were in the locker room goofing around and whatnot. The show has changed, but I do still love it.

Now the episode started off with Malik and Tasha who seem to be back in full effect as a team. SN: I know he is NOT back living with his mama lol! Malik soon finds out that he doesn't have any money saved and is almost in debt. To make up for it, the Sabers' owner puts him on a budget of $25,000 which Malik assumes to be a daily spending limit. Come to find out it will be $25,000 a month (I would die to make that much a month!). Malik who is known to ball out of control doesn't handle this well at all. Meanwhile TT appears at the mansion in his brand new whip as Malik's cars aka his "babies" are being towed away. TT reminds Malik that it's his birthday and makes him promise to show him a good time.

Malik and TT go out to celebrate TT's birthday and of course Malik is still fronting like he's balling out of control. Estelle shows up at the club as a guest star, and Malik sends bottles over to her table. Then Shawn Marion (WTF is up with his hair lol) appears as well and Malik ends up buying endless drinks for the entire club. But did ya'll see that Meagan Goode look alike that TT found in the club and asked Malik who she looked like?? LOL I was too weak! At the very end of the episode we find Malik sitting alone in the club as Tasha Mack comes to pick up his tab as she always cleans up after him whenever he makes a mess in life. After she scolds him and walks off with the bill, Malik is left sitting alone with a drink in hand... I can only hope that he's not about to go back down the same road as in season 4.

On the other side of Saber City, Derwin and Melanie are having their fair share of problems as well. Melanie finds out that Derwin has rehired Irv after he tells her that Irv sealed a Verizon deal for him. Melanie begins to feel some type of way because Derwin didn't let her in on his decision to hire his manager back, especially after Irv dropped him previously. Derwin told her that now that he's making money Irv wants him back, and if Irv drops the ball he can quickly be replaced. SN: I still can't deal with Derwin's corny ass lines like "I'm Charlie Sheening it!" LMAO! Mel tells Derwin that she's gonna stop giving him the goods if he doesn't let her help manage his career so he makes up a lie and tells her that she's actually in charge of Irv.

Once Melanie hears this, she stays true to her "med school" self and tries to take matters into her own hands. She appears at the legal meeting between Irv and Tasha which was set to determine who would get paid for the Verizon deal for Derwin. Melanie tries to take Irv's side, but Tasha Mack in true form was NOT having that! She then pulls out phone records providing proof that she made over 100 calls to Verizon, then provided proof of calls that they made back to her. She then provided text messaging records where Melanie had thanked her for setting Derwin up with Verizon. One thing you can say about Tasha Mack is since she started her own management business, she has been on point with it! (Something Melanie could take note from)... Tasha then quickly puts Melanie in her place by telling her to be a wife and go make a baby or fry some chicken... then reminded Melanie that she can do neither! POW! Tasha don't play that lol.

When Melanie gets back home Derwin is mad at her for messing things up because now he has to pay both Irv AND Tasha for the Verizon deal, but she flips it on him for lying to her about being the CEO of the family. Derwin asks her to just be his wife and let him take care of her. She reminds him that she gave up her medical career for him and he told her that he didn't ask her to. So in return she tells him that he wouldn't even be in that position if it wasn't for her... But Derwin hits her below the belt and tells her that it's his hands that catch the footballs not hers. Melanie in true form gets mad and storms off to their room, and of course Derwin comes to make it up to her. She pushes him away and tries to be funny by spreading her legs as to say all he wants her to do is lay down and give him some when he wants it lol. But then Derwin apologizes and professes his love for her and they fall asleep hand in hand awww :)

The storyline behind this episode was pretty good, but like I said I feel like a certain element was missing. I would LOVE for The Game to go back to the days when Mel, Tasha, and Kelly all sit around cracking jokes and drinking wine. Or having Derwin asking Jason and Malik for relationship advice. It's more dramatic now than comical, but I won't give up on the show. I did hear that Kelly would be back next season, but she had other things going on during filming this year. I just hope that it doesn't go off air again due to the changes, because we waited so long to get the show back.

What are your thoughts about last night's episode? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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