Monday, January 16, 2012

Religion VS. Spirituality

Have you ever realized that the most religious people are the least spiritual? They get so caught up in the technicalities of their certain religion that they forget about the spiritual side of things. These are the ones who force their religious practices on you, and criticize you when you don't follow their practices. Everyone knows someone who is deep in the church, but is the biggest hypocrite or so judgmental that they don't even give people a chance.

Now I am a firm believer in God and I do make a conscious effort to do the right thing, but of course like anyone else I'm far from perfect. I make mistakes and I sin just like anyone else. Well I had someone tell me that because I don't do everything right in God's eyes that there is no need for me to even go to church... wait what?? Isn't that why they tell you to come as you are and that the church is open to everyone? Better yet, since when does actually going to church make you any more holy than anyone else? It doesn't if you're criticizing and judging the lives of others.

I think people who are very religious forget all about the actual purpose of their religion. Christians seem to be the most hypocritical/judgmental people there are at times... these are the same people whose Bible says that only God should judge. It baffles me at times. You would think they would be the most warmhearted, welcoming people in the world since that's what their religion teaches. Of course that's not always the case. Now I'm not saying that every Christian is this way, but trust me I know quite a few.

Sometimes I have a serious struggle with getting past the religious practices and focusing on the spiritual side of things because of what I see and hear from people who should be setting an example for me. Some of the things that have been said to me BY CHRISTIANS have been very hurtful and eye opening to what they seem to represent. I grew up in the church, but as I've gotten older I kind of do my own thing when it comes to what I believe and how I want to show it. I don't want to be deep in the church pretending to be something I'm not like many are. I do go to church on a regular basis, but my sole purpose is to get the word from my pastor and hopefully take it as a life lesson that I can use to grow.

I said all of this to hopefully open a few eyes. Just because you are a very religious person doesn't mean you're very spiritual... and vice versa. When your spirituality comes from your soul, it's not vindictive or criticizing, it's loving and helpful. Below I've posted a video called "Why I hate religion but love Jesus", which is a spoken word piece that basically details everything I just said. This was very inspirational for me, and helped me realize I'm not the only one who feels like this. Now I'm not forcing my opinion on anyone, just giving you my honest thoughts per usual. Check out the video below and feel free to comment with your thoughts!

LaBellaBoss ♥