Monday, January 30, 2012

[Positive Monday] Education is Everything

I mentioned in #PositiveMonday post from earlier today that I had went to talk to my advisor about my plans to continue school for my bachelor's degree, and I wanted to elaborate on my journey through school thus far. I know I said I really didn't have anything motivational to say, but I thought about all the struggling college students like myself and thought I would speak on the subject a tad.

Now initially all through grade school I absolutely adored school.... judge me lol. But really I was the smart girl in school. I mostly got straight A's and B's and I didn't have to study much. I have a photographic memory where I remember everything how I see it, so school pretty much came natural. (Now I really hate school more than you could ever know LOL, so serious). Anyway back in high school when it came time to pick a college (I had been accepted into UNC), I found out I was pregnant with Trey so obviously I altered my plans and instead opted to go to the community college here. Of course I received all types of negativity, and rightfully so being that I was only 18 and pregnant, but I went with my gut and did what I felt was right in my heart.

Well let's just say like all life plans, NOTHING worked out the way I thought it would. I graduated high school in 2007 and had numerous college credits under my belt already, and it STILL took me until this past December to get just my associates degree. When I first started at the community college, I had to drop every single class my very first semester because I had Trey right towards the end of the semester. I had missed majority of my classes and failed to take my exams. Back then I was really young and no one in my family had been to college, so I didn't realize how important it was for me to actually withdraw from my classes before it was too late. On top of that, I was so stressed from the fact that I was having a baby, honestly school wasn't that important in my eyes anymore. Major setback.

After that I ended up moving away for a year and I did the community college thing there while I was away. Trust me if you think college is hard, you can't imagine how hard it is raising a toddler and paying all your bills on your own. Needless to say that didn't work out and I ended up moving back home. My move back home is what made me buckle down on my studies and get the job done. I love my hometown but I hate living here, and I know that college is my only certified ticket out (hopefully anyway lol). With that said, like I stated in my previous post today, I'm finally getting ready to go into the bachelor's program at ODU for professional writing. BUT it took me four years to do what could have been done in probably one and a half. The main struggle for me is battling with the fear of failing, knowing that so many people are expecting me to do just that. But my friends have helped me so much along the way, reminding me it's not when you finish as long as you do.

I basically said all that to speak to those that are younger than me... your education is pretty much your lifeline. After going through four years of struggle and working a 9-5 ever since I  graduated high school, I know this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. If I'm going to be a TRUE boss chic all across the board, I have to stay on top of my education and so do you. There's really no excuse for why it can't be done. With hard work and determination you can do anything you set your heart out to do, so do not sell yourself short from becoming the best you can in life... You deserve it!

"The motivation for me is them telling me what I could not be" ;)

LaBellaBoss ♥


  1. !!!!!!!! Love this

  2. Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  3. I know I'm a couple days late reading this but you know I look up to you. Which is odd.because I'm older. Lol. But really though I had no.clue you went through all that in your education. Here I am Downing myself because I've been in school since graduating high school in '07 and have nothing but to show for it. And you've been there done that and are moving on to your 4 year. It's truly inspiring. I cant front. I'm tired But like you, I got somebody depending on me for everything. And like you, I can't give up. I've got to keep going. I'm glad you shared.this. I needed it. ;)

  4. Thanks so much for you comment! I'm glad it helped you in some way, that's why I put these things out there regardless of how they make me look so maybe I can inspire someone else. You have everything it takes to make it girl, and I have no doubts that you will. I wish you nothing but the best, I'm rooting for you! :)

  5. Such motivation! :)